First Time Home Buyer Tips

I still remember when I bought my first home with my husband. We were so excited and nervous and clueless but we always say it was the BEST thing we ever did.  Our credit score and equity from both our homes have increased our financial situation way more than we ever could have thought.  It is nice to not be paying money every month for something we can never own.  Buying your first home is one of those “American dreams” that has become easier to realize in our generation than for our parents and grandparents. What a blessing!

We here at Andersen Realty do recognize the anxiety and unknowns that come when you are starting to prepare for your first home purchase.  There is lots to know and ways to be smart.  We are offering a First Time Home Buyer Seminar this Friday night, November 9th at 7 p.m. at the Willow Creek III Clubhouse 8091 E. Phillips Circle. (See flyer below!  Click HERE to register!  Or maybe spread the word to someone you know?!!

We will be discussing much more than the following…but just as a teaser, we offer these 10 First Time Home Buyer Tips from The Lenders Network.